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Project Management Fundamentals

You want your projects to run more quickly and smoothly – with considerably less stress, frustration and time pressure? The question is: What can you do about it? Details and registration >>

PMP® Preparation Course

It is good if you are fit in project management. It is even better if your customers and bosses also know this. The certification as Project Management Professional (PMP)®, one of the most famous certificates in project management, helps to achieve this. It shows that you have been managing projects for many years and have top project management skills. In this way, you can contribute all your professional competence at any time.
As PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) we have already helped hundreds of participants to a successful PMP. Use our certified experience for your success! Details and registration >>

Leading and consulting customers

As a project leader, you are in daily contact with customers and aim at fulfilling their expectations. Sometimes, however, the customer does not know exactly what he wants or his expectations are contradictory. In that case you need to perform as consultant in order to find solutions which convince and satisfy the customer without exceeding cost and schedule. Details and registration >>

Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is one of the best known agile methods, which can be used quickly and productively due to its simple structure and clearly defined roles. With Scrum many projects become faster and Scrum is now used successfully far beyond software development. Use the advantages of Scrum in your projects. Make your projects more agile. We show you how it works!
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Leading and Developing Project Teams

You want your project team to work actively together and everyone takes responsibility? You would like to achieve a goal-oriented and motivating working atmosphere in your team? As a project manager, how do you specifically promote growing together and cooperation in your project team?
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Situational Project Management Advanced

Even with longer management experience as a project manager or in a line function, it makes sense and is helpful to receive fresh impulses and suggestions for your own management from time to time. Are you interested in taking an intensive look at your personal leadership behaviour and getting creative ideas and tips for dealing with difficult employees and situations? Then this seminar is just right for you!
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Situational Project Management

As a project manager, you are dealing with different people and situations in a complex business world that do not always stick to your plans. You are familiar with the basic methods and instruments of project management, but notice that these are not sufficient for project success. Because a project manager must first and foremost take over leadership, prove the strength of conflict and shape the cooperation within the team. Details and registration >>

Projects with India

With a population growth bigger than in China and economic expansion between 8 and 10%, India is certainly a future market. But the Indian and European business cultures are very different. For example, Indians find our adjustment and perfectionism peculiar and Germans stumble over the Indian attitude towards time and quality. Goodwill by itself is not enough to bridge the gap of the cultures because hearing what the other says does not automatically mean understanding it!

Professional Risk Management

Taking risks is an indispensable part of innovative and successful project work. These can be significantly reduced with little effort through a professionally operated risk management system. At the same time, you also increase the chances for your project success in a targeted manner.
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Project Management for Executives and Managers

As managing director or manager you have a great influence on the success or failure of the projects in your company. Learn which factors are decisive for your project success. Details and registration >>

Managing Programs and Large Projects

Do you manage large projects and programs and sometimes reach your limits with the basic methods of project management? Are you looking for extensions and additions to reliably plan and control even larger and more complex projects and programs?
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Facilitating Meetings

Do you want to put time-consuming and ineffective meetings aside? But how can you achieve target-oriented and effective meetings where those invited turn up on time and with motivation? Details and registration >>

Agile Leadership

In times of rapid change, high complexity and dynamism, you would like to get to know new approaches for future-oriented and successful management – whether in a project or in the line.
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Agile Project Management

Many people do not know that agile project management is very usable far beyond software projects. All classic projects also benefit from agile methods: Projects become more flexible, faster and easier if the appropriate elements are selected and used from the agile methods. We show you how to use the best of the agile worlds for your projects! Make your projects more agile!
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Communicating successfully in Projects

Effective communication is an important factor for project success. But you sometimes find it difficult to convince colleagues, customers and managers of new ideas? A manager doesn’t really listen and moves on before you could get to the point? Improve your communication skills to professionally manage project communication with everyone involved.
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Leadership skills for Project Managers

Leading teams without having discretionary power is a challenge to many project managers. Sometimes, team members do not collaborate voluntarily, and sometimes they are hard to motivate. How can you cope with this challenging leadership situation? Details and registration >>

International Project Management

Your project team is dotted around the globe and common working hours are almost impossible? The potentials in your team are great, but how do you consolidate the knowledge and experience of the various experts, especially when different cultures are involved?

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Do you always achieve the desired result in your negotiations? Even highly experienced project managers could achieve significantly more if they acted more professionally in negotiations with clients, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders. We would like to work on this with you.
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Communication Power for Project Leaders

Do you always achieve the desired effect with your presentations? Do you achieve the desired success in negotiations? Many project managers, even very experienced ones, could achieve significantly more if they could moderate, present more convincingly and negotiate better in a more targeted manner. Details and registration >>

Effective Teamwork

Can teams really achieve more than individualists? Many people know successful teamwork from team sports: the defenders are just as important as the strikers in reaching the goal. In your job or project it is the same: You are dependent on others and others on you! But how exactly does a team work? What can I personally contribute to success? Details and registration >>