International Project Management

Construct effective collaboration across borders

Your project team is dotted around the globe and common working hours are almost impossible? The potentials in your team are great, but how do you consolidate the knowledge and experience of the various experts, especially when different cultures are involved?

Currently we only conduct this seminar in-house. You too can benefit
from a tailor-made seminar. This is already worthwhile from 5 participants.


In the seminar “International Project Management” you will learn about cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings and problems in international teams. You will receive suggestions and ideas to bridge cultural differences, to work well together as a team and to use synergy effects. In this way you will learn how to manage and communicate effectively and which rules have proven themselves in international project management.


We combine short theoretical inputs and many practical workshops that are tailored to the needs of the participants. With the help of cultural dimensions you gain insights into foreign cultures and can quickly prepare yourself for working in international teams. At the same time you receive concrete advice for your current questions and for challenging situations of your own team. Certified participants receive 16 PDUs or a certificate of further education for IPMA.


Cultural dimensions
  • Which cultural differences are there between countries?
  • Which dimensions are relevant to successful project work?
  • Which regulations are helpful in an international team?
Mitigating conflict potential
  • How do we communicate with one another and with the project leader?
  • How do we discuss differences of opinion?
  • How do we say and hear “no” in different cultures?
  • How do we handle proximity and distance?
  • What approaches and agreements help during conflicts?
Dealing with hierarchy and management
  • What denotes good leadership in an international environment?
  • How do we handle differing expectations of leadership?
  • How do I get reliable arrangements and agreements?


Developing realistic time schedules
  • How do I deal with differences in the sense of time?
  • How do I find a common basis for planning?
  • How to develop realistic time schedules?
Managing risk
  • Identify risks early
  • Create risk awareness
Dealing with the virtual team
  • Which aspects are necessary for the team spirit?
  • How can these be developed and sustained over distance?
  • What rules are helpful with an international team?
  • What tools help to configure the communication effectively?

Further Details


2 days

Target group
  • Project managers and members of multi-national teams.
  • Maximum of 12 participants. This way, we wish to make sure that the seminar is highly efficient and guarantee the highest possible benefit for you.
  • You will be awarded with 16 PDUs of which 4 PDUs account for Technical Skills and 12 PDUs for Leadership Skills or certificate of further education for IPMA.
  • The seminar content is orientated towards multi-national teams. If you work in a team with only two nations involved (e.g.: Germany-Japan), you will certainly receive valuable inputs with us.
Seminar services
  • 2 days intensive training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English