• Learn to lead employees and teams in projects – even without disciplinary authority

Leading project staff and teams is a special challenge for project managers. They usually do not have the disciplinary instruments of power that direct superiors can use. Often the employees in the project come from other departments or even from the customer or supplier, which does not make management easier.

In our leadership seminars for project managers, you will receive important suggestions, tips and ideas at various levels of experience for this special leadership situation. You will learn to delegate tasks in different constellations, to agree on goals, to motivate employees and to lead them in a goal-oriented manner. The active team seminars focus on leading and moderating an entire project team, including the challenges of group dynamics.

Agile teams require a new kind of leadership and cooperation. In two special seminars you will experience first-hand how agile teams work successfully and what the manager contributes to it.



Recieve power and influence as a project manager. In our seminar you learn to lead as a project manager – even without disciplinary power. You know how to successfully delegate tasks and gain respect as a manager. We introduce you to effective management styles and show you how to use them appropriately depending on the situation. Details >>


The team leadership seminar for the development of your project team! You want your project team to work actively together and that everyone takes responsibility? You would like to achieve a goal-oriented and motivating working atmosphere in your team? In this interactive leadership seminar, we will show you what it takes to put together and to develop a team. Details >>


As a project manager, you are in daily contact with customers and should meet their expectations. But sometimes the customer does not know exactly what he wants or expectations are contradictory. Now your consulting know-how is needed to achieve solutions that convince and satisfy the customer without exceeding the cost and time frame. Details >>


Do you want to get to know new approaches in times of rapid change, high complexity and dynamics in order to lead successfully and in a future-oriented way – whether in a project or in line? In our seminar “Agile Leadership” you will get an overview of what agile leadership means. You will receive suggestions as well as concrete methods and techniques to become more agile in your own leadership role. You know approaches how to involve your employees more and assign them extensive responsibility. You know how to involve employees in decisions in a meaningful way and how to increase their motivation and personal responsibility. Details >>


You want to avoid time-consuming and ineffective meetings? But how do you arrive at efficient and goal-oriented meetings where the participants like to be there and arrive on time? Details >>


More and more companies and projects want to become more agile and use agile methods. In order to be really successful with it, a high performance of the teams is crucial. But agile top teams do not come into being automatically. Agile teamwork is based on a certain attitude and common values. It can be specifically promoted and developed through the use of agile instruments. Experience how this is achieved at our very active seminar. Details >>


As a project manager, you are dealing with different people and situations in a complex business world that do not always stick to your plans. You know the basic methods and instruments of project management, but notice that these are not sufficient for project success. Because a project manager must first and foremost take over leadership, prove the strength of conflict and shape the cooperation within the team. Details >>


Even with longer management experience as a project manager or in a line function, it makes sense and is helpful to receive fresh impulses and suggestions for your own management from time to time. Are you interested in taking an intensive look at your personal leadership behaviour and getting creative ideas and tips for dealing with difficult employees and situations? Then this seminar is just right for you! Details >>

Did you know that all of our leadership and team leadership seminars provide you with valuable PDUs for your PMP® recertification? As a PMI® Authorized Training Partner our seminars are already recognized in advance. Use this advantage!


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