• Develop your project leaders and their teams in a well-targeted manner

Have your project leaders been developing their technical skills alongside methodological and social skills in project management? Or does this take place in a more individual and incidental way as a result of experience gained on projects?
What can you do in order to develop the project leaders’ skills necessary for your projects? Do you have any development or career paths at all? Are your customers demanding a proven and comparable qualification and certification?

Qualifikationskonzept entwickeln


Definition of aims

Clarification and agreement on the aims of a qualification or certification concept with the top management

Capturing the current situation

Workshops for capturing the current situation and relevant influential factors

Potential analysis

Drawing up a potential analysis

Qualification concept

Definition and agreement on a qualification concept


Agreement including framework conditions from the human resources department (salary system, career models, etc.), individual skill assessment and potential analysis


Agree on introduction with top management


We work on a systemic basis and involve the experts within your company as well as those affected at an early stage. This allows us to work with you to complete an appraisal of the meaningful and necessary measures, and to achieve results which are right for your company and which can be organizationally imbedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new structures and processes with their introduction, which leads to considerably less resistance and effort.


Targeted qualification measures will enable you to procure the necessary skills for project management. This will allow you to ensure that professional project management is able to develop within your company. This provides you with verification of the quality within your project work and also gives you competitive advantages on the market. This will enable you to increase acceptance and enthusiasm for personal development as a project leader within your company.
We work together with you to create a qualification concept for project leaders and project teams with which to secure the necessary skills in project work. In addition, we assist you in deciding on possible quality verification in project leadership and we are able to build on this in consolidation with a certification concept for project leaders.

Alternatively, you can deepen your know-how by attending a training course from our  project management seminar curriculum.