• Using the right project mix to achieve your business goals

How many projects are running concurrently in your organization? Do these projects help you to achieve your company’s targets? Do you have the right project mix? Is your staff focusing on the projects that really make a difference? Are the unimportant projects being closed down quickly enough? If you can answer YES to all these questions, congratulations!

Effective project portfolio management puts together the ideal project mix, enabling you to achieve your strategic business goals. We focus on the benefits for your company and on achieving the right balance of resource deployment. This ensures that today’s bread-and-butter projects are a natural fit with the innovative projects of tomorrow. As a manager and entrepreneur, you will be in a stronger position to coordinate and manage your key projects.



Together we focus on the following areas:

  • Working with senior management to define the company’s vision and strategic goals
  • Developing the right criteria for your project portfolio
  • Identifying the current status of your projects and their link to your portfolio
  • Putting together recommendations based on building your portfolio
  • Developing a process suitable for planning, monitoring and controlling your project portfolio
  • Providing support during process implementation
  • Coaching portfolio and project managers


We firmly believe that strategic changes can only be successful if you and your staff are included in the solution finding process. You are experts in your markets, on your products and for your customers. We are experts in project portfolio management. We do not provide patented recipes which we “force” upon your company. Instead, we work with you to generate ideas and methods to achieve results which fit for your company and which are organically embedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new structures and processes with their introduction, leading to considerably less resistance and effort.


Project portfolio management makes it easier to integrate projects in your company structure. Focusing on high-relevance projects saves valuable resources, reduces costs and helps you to achieve your strategic goals more effectively. Strong portfolio management enables you to manage and coordinate programs and projects efficiently and responsibly across your entire business network — and to exploit the synergies between projects.

We help you to set up and optimize project portfolio management. Our work is goal-oriented and does not generate excessive bureaucracy. Your path to achieving your business goals is supported by professional project alignment, clearly defined risk management, and an overarching planning structure for critical resources.