• Boost the success of your major projects and programs

Programs and major projects comprise multiple individual projects that are either interdependent or based on each other. It’s important for program managers to recognize these interdependencies, structure them effectively, and maintain a close eye on them. This is the only way to achieve positive overall results delivered on schedule.



Together we focus on the following areas:

  • Formulating goals and boundary conditions for project management
  • Capturing the current situation in the projects
  • Developing a customized program management concept
  • Planning process implementation and introduction
  • Accompanying the process introduction
  • Coaching program and project managers


We work on a systemic basis and involve the experts within your company as well as those affected at an early stage. You are experts in your markets, on your products and for your customers. We are experts in project portfolio management. This allows us to work with you to complete an appraisal of the meaningful and necessary measures, and to achieve results which fit for your company and which can be organizationally imbedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new structures and processes with their introduction, leading to considerably less resistance and effort.


Effective program management makes it easier to integrate major projects and programs in your company structure. You familiarize yourself with and manage the key interdependencies without having to go into each project in depth. This will save valuable resources, reduce costs and help you to achieve your overall objectives more effectively.

We support you in the development and optimization of project portfolio and program management, focusing on ensuring that your projects and programs are realized in a targeted and coordinated way. You will attain your company goals through professional project support, clear risk controls and comprehensive resource planning.