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We’re handling an increasing number of projects at our company and they’re growing in size and complexity. We’ve developed and established a range of PM processes and workflows to address these changes. It soon became clear that specialists were needed to support these processes and monitor their progress. We also looked at introducing comparable standards and making projects more transparent. To save resources, we wanted to standardize roles and tasks so that they could be applied across multiple projects. PS Consulting provided professional support in setting up an effective project management office structure.

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Delivering on commitments is the key to project satisfaction. Effective project management generates clarity and transparency for management and clients alike. It provides a solid framework for all project stakeholders. It also reduces project costs, boosts quality and improves time management.

We work with you to create or optimize your specific project management processes, which integrate the available business processes in a meaningful manner and which reflect your company’s culture. The result is best-practice workflows, methods and models that can be applied universally or adapted simply and intuitively according to scenario.



Definition of aims

Clarification of and agreement on the aims of process optimization with the top management

Capturing the current situation

Workshops for capturing the current situation

Potential analysis

Drawing up a potential analysis

Process development

Creating and agreeing on the desired target processes. Adjustment of the company-specific processes.

Implementation and introduction

Accompanying the process introduction, communication and training.


We work on a systemic basis and involve the experts within your company as well as those affected at an early stage. This allows us to work with you to complete an appraisal of the meaningful and necessary measures, to achieve results which fit for your company and which can be organizationally imbedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new processes with their introduction, leading to considerably less resistance and effort.


Together with you, we develop an organisational structure with clear roles and responsibilities that are tailored to your company. You will receive a project organization that optimally supports the processes in projects and can cope with the complexity of the projects. Your project organization will thus optimally support the dynamics and changes within your business.

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Verschaffen Sie sich die nötige Transparenz bezüglich Kosten, Termintreue und Qualität aller Projekte. Damit haben Sie die notwendigen Informationen, um die Projekte in Ihrem Unternehmen aktiv zu steuern. So erkennen Sie Probleme frühzeitig können adäquat reagieren.

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