Situational Project Management

  • Strengthen you leadership, team, conflict and negotiation skills

As a project manager, you are dealing with different people and situations in a complex business world that do not always stick to your plans. You are familiar with the basic methods and instruments of project management, but notice that these are not sufficient for project success. Because a project manager must first and foremost take over leadership, prove the strength of conflict and shape the cooperation within the team.

Currently we only conduct this seminar in-house. You too can benefit
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You strengthen your ability to lead employees and teams appropriately depending on the situation. You increase your professional competence in conflict resolution and expand your scope to be able to act even in the most difficult situations. In the seminar you will be sensitized to recognize and face the challenges in the project where they arise – on the human side: in dealing with your own project team, the client and the customers of the project.


In this series of seminars you will deal intensively with the various facets of leadership in the project. Practical phases between the individual modules enable you to implement the theory in your projects. One advantage of this interval training is that you as project manager are not on your own: During the seminar, the group grows together into a network of project managers in which colleagues continue to support each other long after the seminar has ended. Certified participants receive 48 PDUs or a certificate of further education for IPMA.


Module 1: Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  • The leadership triangle – own leadership focuses and development areas
  • How do I receive power as a project manager?
  • Leadership styles and situational leadership
  • Motives according to Reiss
  • Chances and limitations of team member motivation
  • Recognizing individual drivers
  • Peer consulting
  • Mirroring exercise
Module 2: Developing Project Teams
  • Characteristics of a successful team
  • Social team roles according to Belbin
  • Phases of team development
  • Designing a team kickoff
  • Developing visions and target images
  • Leading with visions
  • Dealing with difficult team situations
  • Peer consulting


Module 3: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Differentiating types of conflicts
  • Recognizing own conflict strategies
  • Solving role and relationship conflicts
  • Negotiating conflicts of interest
  • Negotiation model for win-win results
  • Preparing, conducting and reflecting an extensive negotiation
  • Giving feedback constructively
  • Working on inner conflicts with the inner team
  • Peer consulting
  • Mirroring exercise

Further Details


6 days

Target group
  • Project managers, sub-project managers, team leaders. If you intend to take full advantage of this course, you should have at least one year of experience in managing projects. Furthermore, you should be familiar with the basic project management methods and techniques. The course “Project Management Fundamentals” provides you with these techniques.
  • You will be awarded with 48 PDUs of which 42 PDUs account for Leadership Skills and 6 PDUs for Strategic & Business Skills or a certificate of further education for IPMA
  • In English, we normally conduct this course only as an in-house seminar. Please contact us for further details. If you are interested in open enrolment courses in German, please visit our German language site.
Seminar services
  • 6 days intensive training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English