• Learn from the past and utilize the wisdom of your team to improve the future

Some projects are finished and everyone is relieved to come out the other side – particularly if the project did not go too well. No one wants to return to an old project, especially if blame is being apportioned from all sides. Unfortunately, nothing is improved as a result. In many organizations, one finds that the same problems are causing battles in consecutive projects, without conceivable improvements being made. This can be changed.


The review or audit is adjusted to your individual project and current situation. We highlight the project in terms of its content, organizational aspects and interpersonal dynamics. With respect to the methodology, we start with a structured analysis in order to gain an overview of the complete project. We then define focuses of the review in order to create solutions for the most important sticking points. It is possible to avoid experiencing repetitions of awkward situations if you purposefully examine past projects to discover connections and different perspectives. This helps not only the entire team, but also the company and every individual – regardless of the types of projects arising in the future.


Our coaches have worked with and advised numerous project teams in the most varied of situations. In a review or “lessons learned” session, it’s important to take a close look at what went well and where improvements can be made. We know that this will only succeed in a trusting and positive environment. The objective is to understand problems and the reasons why they occurred – without accusations or recriminations – in order to learn from them.

All our coaches are specialists in project management. Their coaching methods take inspiration from systemic organizational consulting, group dynamics and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


A common analysis of the success factors and problematic areas of the completed project offers massive learning potential for future projects. As an intermediate review, you have the opportunity to utilize experience of the project work to date to determine the new configuration of its subsequent phases. If the review is conducted as an independent audit, you will see exactly where your project currently stands.
We design and moderate the workshop for you. This means that you have the time to fully engage yourself with the contents and to ensure that “hot” topics are worked on in a constructive and value-adding format. Not only your project, but also your project team is going to improve.