• Boost your project transparency and optimize valuable resources

Do you have a complete overview of all your company’s projects? Are you sure that your staff are prioritizing the right projects? Do you know which projects should ideally be terminated and which shouldn’t even be started? These and other questions are addressed in portfolio and program management. As a manager and entrepreneur, you will be in a stronger position to coordinate and manage your key projects.


Together with you, we implement the following measures:

  • Clarification of and agreement on the aims of portfolio and program management with the top management
  • Workshops for capturing the current situation in the projects, programs and portfolios
  • Drawing up a potential analysis
  • Creating and agreeing on a concept for portfolio and program management
  • Clarification of and agreement on the framework conditions for the implementation and introduction
  • Accompanying the process introduction
  • Targeted coaching of those responsible for the portfolio and program, as well as the project leaders


We firmly believe that organizational changes can only be successful if you and your staff are included in the solution finding process. You are experts in your markets, on your products and for your customers. We are experts in project management. We will work with you and your staff to deliver outstanding solutions that can be rolled out immediately and will quickly become established in your project structure. But we do not just supply “easy answers” to be shoe-horned into your business. We work with you to design methods and processes precisely aligned with your business and your environment. At the same time, ideas are integrated seamlessly in the design of new structures and processes, leading to significantly fewer points of resistance and faster implementation.


Project portfolio and program management make it easier to integrate projects in your company structure. This saves valuable resources, reduces costs and helps you to achieve your strategic goals more effectively. It enables you to manage and coordinate programs and projects efficiently and responsibly across your entire business network — and to exploit the synergies between projects.

We help you to set up and optimize project portfolio and program management. Our work is goal-oriented and does not generate excessive bureaucracy. Your path to achieving your business goals is supported by professional project alignment, clearly defined risk management, and an overarching planning structure for critical resources.