• Working on a key project where failure is not an option? Or one that is already in crisis? You can rely on us to deliver quick, targeted support!

Working on a key project where failure is not an option? Or on a project that you fear may already be running into difficulties? Or one that’s already in crisis? We deliver solutions to all these scenarios.

We roll up our sleeves and get straight into your project, supporting the project manager or project team in difficult situations or ahead of critical milestones. This might be an audit or review, or even moderation at critical meetings.

We support and coach the project leaders on a highly personal and individual level and strengthen them in their rolls. Besides, we moderate meetings with project teams that may be experiencing friction in order to re-establish constructive working practices.


We bring the experience of hundreds of different projects with us into our consultancy work. We work in a solution-orientated and systemic way to add value, intensively involving all participants. This allows us to work together with you to implement a balance of meaningful and necessary measures and achieve results which fit with your company culture and your goals.

Our coaches and consultants are psychologically trained and skilled in project management methods. We inspire our clients to deliver peak performance and support them on their journey to success.