Coaching Project Managers

Grasp the opportunity to receive individual support and advice

Project leaders do often face multifaceted demands: They are to achieve ambitious and partly unrealistic goals with scarce human and financial resources. They have to lead employees without being their direct manager. They have to be an expert although they are not fully experienced in all subject areas. They have to be constantly approachable by sponsor, client, team members. And usually time is short. How can you cope with this?

Our course of action

This is how we usually would work:

  • We define the goals and contents of the coaching and specify a fitting rhythm for the coaching meetings.
  • In every meeting, we clarify current themes and search for solutions and alternatives to difficult situations.
  • Within the scope of the consultancy section of this support, we provide our own experiences, clearly state our opinions on certain methods and reveal the alternatives.
  • We also assist in the selection of methods and procedures and provide you with new impulses.


Our special strengths

Our coaches are specialists in project management. They have all successfully completed several years of training and have extensive project experience. Their overarching coaching methods take inspiration from systemic organizational consulting, transaction analysis, “Gestalt” behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Our work is resource-oriented, respectful and, of course, confidential. We are always targeting constructive solutions and provide valuable support on your journey to success.

Your Benefit

Personal coaching supports you individually and tailored to your needs in your very specific situation. In conflict and stressful situations coaching means personal, close and reliable support to the individual and the functional owner.
The coach helps with role clarification, with reflection and reorientation, with letting off steam and with rediscovering understanding for others. He or she encourages, aids the discovering of new perspectives, sometimes disagrees and serves as a sparring partner for the testing of ideas and initiatives.
Coaching is just as helpful to an old hand as it is to a young project leader working on his or her first large project.