Moderating Project Teams

Utilise the full team potential and promote cooperation within your project

Project teams are often a colorful mix of personnel from a range of departments or even companies. Everyone tends to work towards his individual goals rather than towards the common project aims. In these situations, conflicts and frictions are often present. This does not reflect the bad intentions of the participants, but is an unwilling side effect. You would like to actively control team dynamics and are searching for support?

Our course of action

We work together to draw up the goals and contents of the scope of consultancy, and specify a fitting rhythm for team meetings as well as defining the rolls of the consultants.
The consultancy is very well suited to teams in which extensive conflict takes place (or where this is simply swept under the carpet). It is also good for conflict prevention in the case of particularly critical projects.

Our special strengths

Our coaches have worked with and advised numerous project teams in the most varied of situations. They work on the basis of systemic organizational consultancy, transaction analysis and the NLP. All of our coaches have many years of training as consultants behind them, coupled with extensive project experience. We work in an esteemed and confidential manner, we are fundamentally interested in constructive solutions and always effect control in this direction.

Potential areas in which we support project teams:

  • Providing regular moderation or support during key meetings
  • Resolving conflicts in project teams
  • Improving communication and interaction within teams
  • We can also design a team development workshop of 1-2 days, which is purely intended to optimize the cooperation within the team.
  • Offering feedback based on improving team leadership

Your Benefit

The support to you and your project team allows us to reveal and discuss the team dynamics with the participants. This enables you to replace these with other behavioral patterns which are more effective and which lead to the required results. Thus, you really gain from the full potential of your team within the scope of the project – in a similar way to a sports team.