Effective Teamwork

Experience the potential of effective cooperation in a successful team

Can teams really achieve more than individualists? Many people know successful teamwork from team sports: the defenders are just as important as the strikers in reaching the goal. In your job or project it is the same: You are dependent on others and others on you! But how exactly does a team work? What can I personally contribute to success?

Currently we only conduct this seminar in-house. You too can benefit
from a tailor-made seminar. This is already worthwhile from 5 participants.


In this active seminar you will experience teamwork in many concrete exercises. You will solve challenging tasks in a team – just like in real working life. Find out how a team works effectively. In addition, important questions are answered individually for you: What does it take for me to be successful in a team? How do I get involved in a team?


In the seminar you will work on a variety of tasks. Based on the experience gained, we identify the success factors and define the optimization potential together. In addition to basic team rules, you will learn a lot about yourself and actively experience the different team roles. In addition, you will receive individual feedback. As a participant in this seminar you will receive 16 PDUs.


Basic understanding
  • What is the essence of good team work?
Clarity about objectives
  • What has to be clear, so that everybody knows what it’s about?
  • How do I achieve clarity about objectives?
  • How do I check whether we all have the same understanding about the objective?
Roles and tasks in a team
  • Which roles are needed in team work?
  • How are roles distributed?
  • How do we manage and coordinate our team?
Moderation of team work
  • Monitoring and controlling time
  • Securing results and quality

Planning the course of action
  • What does a pragmatic course of action look like?
  • How do we make up a basic project plan with the team?
Rules in a team
  • Most important ground rules in a team
  • Rules for the facilitation of a team
  • Agreeing upon rules
Giving and taking feedback
  • Rules for feedback
  • Evaluating team work
  • Individual feedback to each team member

Further Details


2 days

Target group
  • This course is designed for team members, leaders of subprojects and project managers who want to experience themselves in different roles of team work and receive feedback on this.
  • Maximum of 12 participants. This way we want to make sure that the seminar is highly efficient and guarantee the highest possible benefit for you.
  • You will be awarded with 16 PDUs of which 4 PDUs account for Technical Skills and 12 PDUs for Leadership Skills or a certificate of further education for IPMA.
Seminar services
  • 2 days intensive Training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English