Project Management Fundamentals

Proved methods and techniques for your project success

You want your projects to run more quickly and smoothly – with considerably less stress, frustration and time pressure? The question is: What can you do about it?

Seminar Objectives

In our seminar you will learn pragmatic, professional methods which will tangibly ease your work as project leader. We help you as a project leader to achieve enhanced internal assurance, to use your time more efficiently, to replace chaos with structure, to stick to plans more effectively and to gain the recognition that you deserve for your project work. This will enable you to complete projects within the given time and budget, and in accordance with quality specifications. PS Consulting’s project concept has been implemented for many years with great success in thousands of projects – including international ones.

Your Benefit

We work concretely on your project and not on general case studies. All theoretical inputs and methods presented are immediately applied in workshops to the project that you have brought with you. Whilst working on your project in small groups within the scope of the seminar, it is possible to discuss and solve questions and problems immediately. This enables us to ensure an optimal transfer to everyday work on your project. Back at your desk, you will be able to start work right away, effectively and with entirely new impulses. This seminar is based on the internationally recognized standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Participants will be awarded with 24 PDUs.

Seminar Topics

Basic understanding
  • What is essential for good project management?
  • When is a project successful?
  • Which role has the project leader?
Project definition
  • How do I get a clear project assignment and a reasonable definition of objectives?  
  • How can I make projects measurable? 
Project organization
  • How can I identify the relevant stakeholders of the project and how can I involve them adequately? 
  • How are roles and responsibilities distributed in the project?
Project planning
  • How do I describe the necessary activities (Work breakdown structure)?
  • How to plan dates and the course of action (Network diagram and Gantt-Chart)?
  • How can I make realistic estimates of resources and cost?
  • How do I optimize my plans? 
Project risks
  • How can I recognize risks at an early stage and manage these proactively?
Project controlling
  • How do I keep a sound overview?
  • How do I report the status?
  • How can I actively control a project? 
  • What do I do if something starts to get out of control?
  • How do we deal with change and escalations?
Project communication
  • Which communication is needed continuously?
  • What needs to be documented and how?
Project closing
  • What should be included in the closing process?
  • How do we learn from our experience? 

Further Details


3 days

Target group
  • This seminar is designed for project managers and experienced project team members.
  • Maximum of 12 participants. This way, we want to make sure that the seminar is highly efficient and guarantee the highest possible benefit for you.
  • You will be awarded with 24 PDUs for Technical Skills.
Seminar services

  • 3 days intensive training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English


Company-internal seminar. We conduct this seminar for your company and close to your location. We can deliver it in English or other languages. If you have 4 or more people interested in the subject, we develop a tailored solution for you. START A QUERY >>

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