Leading and Developing Project Teams

Actively develop the interplay within your project team

You do not want solitary workers on your project but require a motivated team that works well together for a common goal? You wish to avoid team members working alongside one another or even against each other? How can you promote the coalescence of your team?

Seminar Objectives

You will learn in which phases a team develops to the point of being productive and how you can utilize a project kick-off in order to initiate team building. Additionally, you will also receive hints on how to work with difficult teams. The aim of the seminar is to recognize the most important aspects of good teamwork and to identify how you as project leader can achieve this with your team.

Your Benefit

During the seminar we work on actual team situations from your everyday working situation. Here, we combine brief theoretical inputs with numerous practical exercises and role plays. This enables you to transfer this knowledge directly to your project work. We also provide practical advice for difficult problems and challenging situations which arise for you as team leader.

Seminar Topics

Characteristics of a successful team
Social roles within a team
  • Belbin model of roles within a team
  • Analyzing my own role in the team
  • Distribution of roles in the whole team
  • Typical team conflicts and resolution approaches

Developing a team
  • Phases of team development
  • Designing a successful project kickoff
  • Analyzing the current situation of the team
  • How to treat difficult teams and constellations?
Leading with visions
  • Developing a motivating vision for the project
  • Giving a moving and inspiring vision speech
  • Feedback to the vision and speech
Peer Consulting
  • Coaching for current challenging situations out of the participants’ projects
Feedback session
  • Feedback to the observed team and leadership behavior within the seminar group

Further Details


2 days

Target group
  • This course is designed for project managers and project leaders. It is also suitable for people who need to lead teams.
  • It is very helpful if you already know the basic techniques of project management.
  • Maximum of 12 participants. This way, we want to make sure that the seminar is highly efficient and guarantee the highest possible benefit for you.
  • You will be awarded with 16 PDUs of which 14 PDUs account for Leadership Skills and 2 PDUs for Strategic & Business Skills.
Seminar services

  • 2 days intensive training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English

Company-internal seminar. We conduct this seminar for your company and close to your location. We can deliver it in English or other languages. If you have 4 or more people interested in the subject, we develop a tailored solution for you. START A QUERY >>