Develop a PM Handbook

Ensure that you have continuity and easy access to standards within your company

Your Situation

Is project management being implemented in your company in a standardized and universal way? Maybe your project leaders are still acting as lone warriors? Projects consume a great deal of energy because it is constantly necessary to re-plan due to a lack of clarity and transparency in roles and responsibilities?
On the other hand, maybe processes and procedures on the basis of past experience have been created – but these are not yet known to all or implemented. Then it’s time do something about it!

Perhaps some individual project managers have found effective ways to approach project management. Have they established processes and workflows that others might benefit from? Maybe it would be a good idea to revise and upgrade outdated document templates. All this belongs in a project management manual.

Your Benefit

A PM handbook enables the creation of a clear framework for your project work, in which you define available processes, roles and tasks and establish them as a common basis for the implementation of projects. This increases the assurances and efficiency of your project leaders. In addition, you optimize your processes and reduce complexity through standardization.
We support you in the generation and documentation of your available PM processes, tasks, roles etc. The aim here is to consolidate your knowledge in terms of the processes and demands of your projects. The result is a PM handbook that we generate for you in paper format, or, if preferred, in an electronically embedded format. If necessary, we support you to implement process improvements. The primary aim is to standardize project workflows. We will deliver a customized project management manual for you to publish on your intranet or make available in a data share environment. And, if necessary, we will also publish a list of relevant process enhancements.

Our course of action

  • 1. Definition of aims

    Agreement on the aims of the development of a PM handbook with the top management

  • 2. Capturing the current situation

    Workshops for capturing the existing processes and procedures

  • 3. Define goals

    Clarification of and agreement on the framework conditions for the introduction and application of the PM handbook

  • 4. Details

    Drawing up a potential analysis and implementing small process adjustments

  • 5. Introduction and implementation

    Creating and documenting the PM handbook, supporting its introduction, training and coaching.

Our special strengths

We involve the experts from your company as well as those affected at an early stage. This enables us to implement a balanced range of meaningful and necessary measures, to achieve results which fit for your company, and which are organically embedded in your company’s culture and aims. At the same time, this allows the format of the new PM handbook to be interlocked with its introduction, resulting in considerably less resistance and effort.

Projektmanagement-Handbuch entwickeln