Project Management Methods Training

Successful projects with the appropriate project management methods

Knowing and mastering the right project management methods is the basis for the success of every project.

Whether agile or classic, large or small, beginner or professional – you will find the right seminar for every project and every level of experience with us! In all seminars you get to know professional, immediately realisable project management methods, which make your work as a project manager noticeably easier.

Projektmanagement-Methoden Seminar Projektmanagement Grundlagen

You want your projects to work faster and smoother – with significantly less stress, frustration and time pressure? In this basic training you will learn professional practical methods that will make your work as a project manager noticeably easier. We help you to replace chaos with structure as well as to develop and adhere to realistic plans. In this way you learn to use your own time efficiently and to complete projects in a result-oriented and timely manner. Details >>

Agile Methoden Projektmanagement Seminar: Kanban, Scrum, Lean & Co - das Beste aus den agilen Welten nutzen

Many people do not know that agile project management is very usable far beyond software projects. All classic projects also benefit from agile methods: Projects become more flexible, faster and easier if the appropriate elements are selected and used from agile methods. We show you how to use the best of the agile worlds for your projects! Make your projects more agile! Details >>

Projektmanagement-Methoden Seminar Claim Management

During the course of the project, agreed deadlines are not met, contents are controversial or the quality does not meet the promises. With tight budgets, this quickly becomes critical for the project. How can legitimate claims for damages be enforced without offending important business partners? This is where Claim Management comes in. Details >>

Professionelles Risikomanagement Projektmangement-Methoden Seminar

Taking risks is an indispensable part of innovative and successful project work. These can be significantly reduced with little effort through a professionally operated risk management system. At the same time, you also increase the chances for your project success in a focused manner. Details >>

Projektmanagement-Methoden Seminar Programm-Management

Do you manage large projects and programs and sometimes reach your limits with the basic methods of project management? Are you looking for extensions and additions to reliably plan and control even larger and more complex projects and programs? Details >>


You know the basic project management methods and apply them. However, these methods are not always sufficient in your projects and you are looking for extensions and additions. Details >>

Projektmanagement-Methoden Seminar Projektmanagement für Manager

As managing director or manager you have a great influence on the success or failure of the projects in your company. Learn which factors are decisive for your project success. Details >>

Did you know that? All of our project management methodology seminars provide you with valuable PDUs for your recertification as PMP®. As a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)® of the Project Management Institute (PMI)® our seminars are already recognized in advance. Use this advantage!

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