Managing Stakeholders: Successful communication in projects and conflict resolution

Gain communication strength and achieve constructive solutions

Successful communication within the project and with others often determines the success of the project – especially when many different people are involved. As soon as the stakeholders of the project pursue different interests, conflicts arise, of course, which must be resolved quickly.

You will acquire and deepen these skills in our project management seminar curriculum in intensive seminars at various levels of experience. You will learn to successfully present your ideas and to communicate appropriately with various stakeholders. You will also practice how to resolve conflicts quickly and constructively and how to achieve very good results in negotiations.

If your project is internationally oriented, you will also learn how to integrate the intercultural aspects of communication and leadership. In this way, you always receive new impulses and suggestions to expand your personal scope of action.

Stakeholder-Management-erfolgreiche Projektkommunikation

Communicating successfully in Projects

Successful communication is an important factor for project success. But you sometimes find it difficult to convince colleagues, customers and managers of new ideas? A manager doesn’t really listen and moves on before you could get to the point? Improve your communication skills. Details >>

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Conflicts often occur in projects and are often already in the nature of the matter: The participants pursue different goals, the employees hardly know each other, the client has “political” intentions with the project. This leads to conflicts that affect your work in the project if they are not recognized and resolved in time. Details >>

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Do you always achieve the desired result in your negotiations? Even highly experienced project managers could achieve significantly more if they acted more professionally in negotiations with clients, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders. We would like to work on this with you.  Details >>

International Project Management

Your project team is spread across different countries and joint work is hardly possible? The potential in your team is great, but the cultures and working methods are quite different. How can you bring together the knowledge and experience of the different team members in the project? These and many other questions will be dealt with in the seminar. Details >>

Communication Power for Project Leaders

Do you use your time effectively in meetings? Do you always achieve the desired effect with your presentations? Do you achieve the desired success in negotiations? Many project managers, even very experienced ones, could achieve significantly more if they could moderate, present more convincingly and negotiate better in a more targeted manner. Details >>

Did you know that? All our seminars in the field of project communication and conflict resolution provide you with valuable PDUs for your recertification as PMP®. As a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)® our seminars are already recognized in advance. Use this advantage!

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