Facilitating Meetings

Increase the efficiency of your meetings and achieve sound results

Do you want to put time-consuming and ineffective meetings aside? But how can you achieve target-oriented and effective meetings where those invited turn up on time and with motivation?

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Seminar Topics

In addition to effectively preparing meetings, you will learn effective methods and moderation techniques to actively control meetings as project leader and moderator. You will learn how to involve everyone present in the discussion in a meaningful way and how to deal confidently with difficult participants and situations.

Your Benefit

We alternate theory with many practical exercises. The focus is on the participants’ own moderations. Through concrete individual feedback, you not only learn how to prepare and conduct a moderation well, but also get a better understanding of how you affect others. In this way you get to know your personal strengths and potentials when moderating meetings and expand them. Certified participants receive 16 PDUs or a certificate of further education for IPMA.

Seminar Topics

Fundamental understanding
  • What makes a successful moderation?
  • What is a moderation and what is it useful for?
  • What is the role of the moderator?
  • How do I deal with the role conflict between project manager and moderator?
  • Which personal attitude is helpful in a moderation?
A look at the team
  • What are critical success factors in teamwork?
  • How can I identify and respond to the phases of team development?
  • How do we provide constructive feedback?

Seminar Topics

Preparing moderations
  • How do I build the agenda?
  • Which basic conditions are necessary for the success of the moderation?
  • Which tools help me as a moderator?
Performing moderations
  • Execution of own moderations from the project environment
  • Individual feedback on your own moderation style and suggestions for optimization
Difficult situations
  • How do I deal with difficult situations and participants?

Further Details


2 days

Target group
  • The seminar is directed at project managers, sub-project managers and all those who lead meetings and moderations.
  • Maximum of 8 participants. This way, we want to make sure that the seminar is highly efficient and guarantee the highest possible benefit for you.
  • You will be awarded with 16 PDUs of which 4 PDUs account for Technical Skills and 12 PDUs for Leadership Skills, or a certificate of further education for IPMA.
Seminar services

  • 2 days intensive training
  • Top-class trainers
  • Extensive documents
  • Minutes
  • Certificate
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch
  • Appealing rooms with enough space to practice
  • Language: English