• Gain expert support instead of rediscovering the wheel

Is the right approach missing in your project? The smart method? The clever tool? Do you have the feeling that it could go better, or are you spending too much time on administrative tasks instead of applying your real skills? Do you still need to find the best methods for your project? The methods you already know cannot be applied to your project?



Liaising closely with you, we develop methods, tools and procedures tailored to your project and your environment. Thanks to our special combination of training and moderating implementation workshops, our work is quick and reasonably priced. It enables you to apply results to your project right away and learn new methods during the process.

We also advise project managers or project management supervisors on method selection and provide a professional assessment of the methods employed by your company.


We have seen thousands of projects and we are familiar with methods, tips and tricks which will not all fit into one seminar. And we know how one can apply these methods effectively. We are able to exploit a rich pool of experience here and we can tell you what works and what does not. Besides, we know where to integrate each step. We are fundamentally interested in constructive solutions and always take this direction. We present the methods and moderate them within the team, so that you are able to directly work with the results.


  • How do we obtain clear and revisable goals, behind which we all stand?
  • How do we plan the project scope and the desired quality?
  • How do we plan realistic deadlines, manpower and costs?
  • How do we recognize risks in a timely manner and handle these proactively?
  • How do we configure the communication and coordination within the project?
  • What does effective reporting and controlling look like?
  • What is clear change and escalation management in a project?


We support the project leader and the whole team in the selection and application of suitable methods. If you have already stipulated procedures, we integrate them and advise you if they are at their limits. Our support will provide you with a clear image of your project goals and realistic plans with clearly specified risks.