• We lead your project out of a crisis

Many projects are suddenly facing a crisis, whilst others slide constantly towards crises, apparently inexorably. What to do? How do you recover from this difficult situation? How can one limit the damage and regain lost confidence?
Crisis situations restrict our horizons and awaken the fight or flight instinct in us. Usually, none of the approaches helps. On the other hand there is an opportunity in every crisis, although this is usually difficult to see.



Our coaches have worked with and advised in numerous difficult projects in the most varied of situations. They work on the basis of systemic organizational consultancy, transaction analysis and the NLP. All of our coaches have many years of training as consultants behind them, coupled with extensive project experience. We work in an esteemed and confidential manner, we are fundamentally interested in constructive solutions and always effect control in this direction.


We work together with you to create a factual appraisal of the project situation, review the project aims together and analyze the current situation. We work on this basis to seek solutions and implement them – in a consistent and timely manner. We accompany you on a continuous basis and consult you in difficult situations.


  • Where do we stand and where do we want to be?
  • What can we realistically achieve?
  • What do we need to relinquish?
  • What technical, legal or image damage can we expect?
  • What room do we have for negotiation?
  • What remains if we apply extensive creativity?
  • What are the risks and how do we safeguard ourselves against them?
  • How do we configure our information and communications strategy?
  • Who do we need to negotiate with, and in which areas?


Together we develop scenarios with solutions which withdraw you from the crisis. Objective. Substantiated. Creative. To the best possible benefit of the participants and in line with the project targets. It is of no matter who is to blame, or how this project met with crisis. The only fact of interest in this situation is: How do we get back on track?