• Choose the right software to support your projects

Looking for intelligent software to support your projects? A vast range of software utilities is available on the market. Yet not every program will be suited to your areas of application. Software can vary widely according to its capabilities and licensing costs. And even “affordable” solutions can end up much more costly, with adaptation and implementation costing many times more than a license for a higher-priced package. This is why you should make your decision carefully and apply the same level of scrutiny to software planning and implementation as you would to an entire project.



Together we focus on the following areas:

  • Defining objectives and boundary conditions for a software solution
  • Developing an application concept tailored to your company’s requirements
  • Selecting a suitable software solution (or solutions)
  • Planning the adaptation and integration of software and processes
  • Implementing the software solution and providing training


Our experience covers a broad spectrum of software solutions and we work independently from manufacturers. We incorporate your experts from key areas, such as project management, controlling, IT and quality management, from the beginning. We work together to compile a list of practical and necessary requirements based on achieving the right results for your company.

We factor in the different project management fields before consulting with you to find out if — and how — software will boost your business. These solutions are then embedded organically in your corporate culture and system landscape.


Building on our extensive knowledge of software solutions and the associated internal processes and application concepts, we help you to select and implement the right project management tool for your requirements.

In addition to the actual software solution, we look at all necessary process adaptations and their integration in your existing company-wide system landscape in order to find the best “overall package”.


A hugely diverse range of PM software is available on the market. Some solutions are optimized for a specific task or business sector, others are more universal and can be implemented across a broader range of applications. Some large software packages offer multiple customization options and interfaces, while others are very difficult to adapt or even have to be developed according to application. There is no such thing then as “the best” software on the market and not every piece of software with “project” in its title covers all your company’s needs.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to analyze your exact project needs to avoid wasting time and money by implementing the wrong solution. In addition to the views of the project managers, it’s important to consider the overarching requirements of the executive board, the steering committee members, project staff, senior management and potentially many other key players.


What should be the capabilities of PM software? The following subject areas should be considered when selecting software:

  • Schedule planning and monitoring
  • Resource planning and management
  • Cost planning and controlling
  • Staff deployment planning and feedback
  • Status and time tracking
  • Status reporting
  • Change and version management
  • Risk management and dealing with instability
  • Document management and filing structures
  • Quality management
  • Cross-project reporting and controlling
  • Lessons learned and knowledge management