Building Project Controlling Systems

Create transparency to allow a targeted project control

Your Situation

Do projects within your company often overrun on the cost side? How do they look in terms of timely completion? Do some projects never even reach a final conclusion? Then it’s time do something about it! Systematic project controlling provides valuable support.

Your Benefit

Create the necessary project transparency in terms of the important elements: Costs, deadlines and quality. This provides the project leaders with the foundations for realizing their responsibilities in the implementation of projects. At the same time, you as a member of the management receive the information that you need to actively control project work. An early identification of changes and problematic situations is thus facilitated, and you will be able to react accordingly.
We work with you to create useful controlling structures and mechanisms for your project work. These are aligned with the company’s overriding controlling department. We also support you in the system-related integration of the company controlling.

Our course of action

  • 1. Definition of aims

    Clarification of and agreement on the aims of project controlling with the top management

  • 2. Capturing the current situation

    Workshops for capturing the current situation

  • 3. Define goals

    Formulating boundary conditions and describing the required processes

  • 4. Details

    Specify process details, document templates and minor process optimizations

  • 5. Implementation

    Implementing a new controlling system and practice using it

Our special strengths

We work on a systemic basis and involve the experts within your company as well as those affected at an early stage. This allows us to work with you to complete an appraisal of the meaningful and necessary measures, to achieve results which fit for your company and which can be organizationally imbedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new structures and processes with their introduction, leading to considerably less resistance and effort.