Building efficient Project Organization

Align your organization with the requirements of today and the future

We work with you to create an organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities tailored to your company. Take advantage of a project organization that adds optimal support to project workflows and takes care of project complexities. Your project organization will provide outstanding support to the impetus and changes within your business environment.

Projects play an increasingly important role at our company. A lot of time and energy was lost because many organizational obstacles had to be overcome. In addition, roles and responsibilities were often unclear when it came to making key decisions at the right time. PS Consulting has steered our organization to project management success thanks to a professional approach that combines a practical orientation with an emphasis on the human touch.

Our course of action

  • 1. Definition of aims

    Clarification of and agreement on the aims of process optimization with the top management

  • 2. Capturing the current situation

    Workshops for capturing the current situation

  • 3. Critical interfaces

    Identification of critical interfaces

  • 4. New structure

    Development of and agreement on an optimized organizational structure

  • 5. Implementation and introduction

    Accompanying the implementation

Our special strengths

We work on a systemic basis and involve the experts within your company as well as those affected at an early stage. This allows us to work with you to complete a consideration of the meaningful and necessary measures, to achieve results which fit for your company and which can be organizationally imbedded in your company’s culture and aims. This simultaneously interlocks the configuration of the new organization with its introduction, leading to considerably less resistance and effort.

Projektorganisation aufbauen