• Maturity check – how developed is your project management?

Our PSC100 maturity check delivers a quick and detailed overview of your current project management processes and an evaluation of your improvement potential. The first step: An analysis of the current status of the project management in your organization. You have a good gut feeling as to roughly where the project management in your division or company actually stands? We offer you an objective orientation guide.


At certain milestones it is very helpful and reasonable to know:

  • What is already working well in your project management?
  • Where do you stand in a benchmark comparison with other companies?
  • What are the most important required improvements depending on your goals?
  • What do your project leaders do well and in which areas would further development measures be meaningful as the next step?
  • Where do systematic or system-related weaknesses exist in your projects and what can you do here?
  • What are the most important fields of action?


Based on accepted standards, we help to find out how well your organization in project management really is. Our Course of Action gives you a quick overview and is cost-saving and effective.
With the used maturity model you can exactly see where you stand and proceedings can be measured directly. Of course, we also give comprehensive recommendations where and how to improve.
We work with:


You have a very quick systematic and well-grounded overview of the status of your project management and of the necessary improvement options. This forms a professional basis for discussions in which to examine necessary measures, to agree on these and implement them.

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