PMI® Recertification

Deepen your know-how as project manager and recertify yourself at the same time

To ensure that the certificates are up-to-date and that certified project managers continue to develop, all certificates issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® are only valid for a limited period and must then be renewed. The certificate is valid for 5 years for Certified Associates in Project Management (CAPM)® and 3 years for Project Management Professionals (PMP)®.

CAPM® Recertification

If you are a CAPM® you have the chance to recertify yourself after 5 years by passing the examination once again. Most project managers have gained enough practical experience to reach the next level so that obtaining the PMP® certicficate is usually the next step of development.

PMP® Recertification

As PMP® you have to renew your certificate every 3 years. In addition, you do not take another exam, but show PMI® that you have continuously dealt with project management in theory and practice. In this 3-year period you will collect 60 so-called “Professional Development Units (PDUs)”.  You will receive PDUs for active project management and for your own further training in project management.

In 2016 PMI® established new rules for earning professional development units (PDUs) by introducing upper and lower limits for different kinds of PDUs. 

PMP® Rezertifizierung

PDUs for continuing Education

The participation in educational trainings is an attractive way to earn PDUs: You must earn a minimum of 35 PDUs in the area “Education” for the renewal of your PMP® certification. There’s no ceiling fixed, so that you are allowed to earn 60 PDUs in “Education”.

Our seminar curriculum takes into consideration the needs of experienced project leaders and we have developed seminars with which you can obtain the necessary PDUs whilst simultaneously enriching your abilities as a project leader. All of our seminars are based on the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and thus complement your previous project leadership development perfectly.

Talent Triangle of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Since the end of 2015 PMI uses a “Talent Triangle” to define which skills a project manager should have and develop continously.  The Talent Triangle includes three different competence areas:

  • Technical PM Skills, this means project management methods
  • Leadership Skills, this means the neccessary leadership skills of a project manager that help an organization to achieve their business goals
  • Strategic and Business Management, common understanding in management

For your recertification you need to earn at least 8 PDUs in each of the skill areas. We compiled a small list for you that shows how many PDUs you can obtain in our trainings (including the three categories) in order that you can choose an appropriate training.

PDUs for sharing knowledge (Giving back)

In the area “Giving back to the Profession” you can earn a maximum of 25 PDUs. By applying your knowledge in a practical setting (for example by managing a project) you’ll obtain a maximum od 8 PDUs within three years. Giving presentations or writing about a project management topic are other possiblities for earning PDUs in this area.

One Tip: Frequently, experienced project managers teach younger collleagues, their project team or customers by giving an understanding of the proceedings in a project. That counts as well for earning PDUs!

Frequently asked questions on PMP® recertification:

How do I gain recertification?

In order to be able to permanently guarantee your PMP® status, you must be recertified as a PMP® every three years. This requires verification of continuous involvement in PM – e.g. in the form of self-selected training units which pertain to PM subjects. PMP®s must collect a minimum of 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during a period of three years in order to obtain their recertification.

What is a PDU?

A PDU is a measured unit for the evaluation of development and professional activity in the field of project management. One typically gains one (1) PDU for every hour of planned and structured development work or a similar activity.

How can I earn PDUs?

Since 2016, PMI® has distinguished two types of activities for which PDUs can be purchased. These are then further subdivided:

  • The easiest way to get PDUs: You will attend a project management seminar at a registered education provider (R.E.P.) such as PS Consulting, and develop further as a project manager.
  • You can also attend project management seminars at other organizations or attend in-house project management seminars offered by your employer. Here you need a detailed certificate of participation as proof, in which the seminar contents are described.
  • Attending lectures by your local PMI®-Chapter also brings you 2-3 PDUs. You can also participate directly in a conference on project management.
  • The possibility of “Self-Directed Learning” is interesting for avid readers. Here you can get up to 30 PDUs for reading books or articles on PM or discussing with colleagues in working groups.
  • Do you have a special question and receive coaching on project management? Here you also receive 1 PDU per hour.
  • For your work as an active project manager you will receive up to 8 PDUs in 3 years.
  • And for the PM professionals among you: You also receive PDUs if you give lectures on project management, write an article or if you work as a volunteer in the PMI® chapters or other functions.

How do I register my PDUs with the PMI®?

As a PMP®, you are personally responsible for registering you activities with the PMI®. A simple online reporting option is available on the PMI® website for this. You should create a Development Program file, in which you collect verification of your registered project management activities.

PMI® conducts random sample checks of the PMP® every year to ensure that the documents provided are complete and correct. All documents must thus be stored for a minimum of 12 months.

How can I calculate the duration of my certification?

The PMP® certification is always valid until the day exactly 3 years after having passed the exam(e.g. the recertification is due on October 1, 2018 if you passed the exam on October 2, 2015).
As a member of PMI® you will be personally informed about this. However, it is worth starting collecting PDUs early.
Re-certify yourself in time: You can do this up to one year after the deadline, but you may not call yourself PMP® during this time and your re-certification period will not be extended either.

Verification and audit:

As with PMP® application, your recertification data may be subject to auditing. Please keep all your receipts for at least 18 months after your recertification cycle.

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