GPM / IPMA Recertification

Stay competitive and recertify

To ensure the continuous professional development of GPM / IPMA certificate holders and the up-to-dateness of certification, this is only valid for 5 years at all levels. After this period a recertification is necessary for a certificate extension, which extends the certificate for another 5 years. Alternatively, instead of recertification, certification can be obtained at a higher level for the first time.

All details regarding the requirements for the respective recertification can be found on the GPM website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Get in touch with us.

Here you will get a first orientation:

Independent of the level it is necessary to submit the following documents:


Application for recertification

In 10 Schritten zur PMP®-Zertifizierung

Evidence of qualifications in project management

PMP®-Zertifizierung Voraussetzungen

Self-assessment sheet


Feedback sheets

Independent of the level it is necessary to satisfy the criteria of recertification:

Level D

Holders of the level D certificate have to take either an oral examination or prove at least 12 months of project management activity for the recertification.

Level C, B and A

For the levels C, B and A there is no examination. For recertification an evidence of project management activity is required. This is achieved by a current project list containing descriptions of the projects and project schedule plans.

All evidence is checked and assessed by the official certification body. For furthter information please visit the websites of GPM and IPMA or contact us.