What is special about our consulting?

We support you, your company and your projects – competent, pragmatic, holistic


Our work approach is based on the principle of systemic consultancy because we are convinced of its effectiveness and sustainability. Organizational changes can only be successful if you and your employees are actively involved in the creation of a solution. You are the experts in your markets, products and clients. We are the experts in project management. Together with you and your employees we generate superb solutions which you can apply and prove immediately in your actual projects.

Holistic Consulting Approach

We do not provide patented recipes which we “force” upon your company. Instead we work with you to generate ideas and methods that are perfectly suited to your company and your environment. It is very important to integrate all dimensions of successful project management in an organization:

Beratung Projektmanagement ist toll

In detail these are:

Strategic orientation of the project management in the company and the compatibility with strategic goals.

Project management processes describing the repetitive and typical procedures in your projects.

Integration into the organization of the company including clear descriptions of the tasks, competences and responsibilities of the different roles within a project.

Project management tools, handbooks or software for supporting the project work.

Qualification of the project leaders in their methodological, social and leadership development.

Development of the organizational culture which supports and facilitates project work.